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The Tactile Alphabet

Concrete Experts, proudly presenting the first bricks..


the very first ones


Bricks are being sorted



ACROBATS Concrete wall piece

Bricks are painted with silicate glaze



Concrete Bricks, working gloves



Hilde de Bruijn and Eric Wie getting into the feeling of Brutal Vitality...


Tanja in conversation with Else Alfelt and her friends


"Stain 1-9" waiting to be installed


Building a wall



There are many fish in the ocean, many men to love..

Old saying, used also by Asgar Jorn,- in this case altered by us


When Life penetrated Art, clay paint


200 m2 at Cobra Museum

First naughty strokes


Cobra Museum Amstelveen






Wool Coat soon to become "Tumbleweed"

Working at The Factory of Art and Design



Ear imprint


Tanja taking a bite



Working on "Stains 1-12", making imprints of bicycle tires, matches, cigarettes, 1950´s telephone, typewriter, pens, bricks, shirts, socks, ears, mouths..


Asgar Jorns bicycle lend to us by Gallery Tom Christoffersen


Dip dyed burlap on wooden boards from Bank & Raus installation Organism,- ready to be reused as organic grid in Brutal Vitality


Large cachepot of bricks and concrete for Meet your Creator-sculpture


Tangible seats


1. Tangible Seat with concrete rubble cookies


Working on 1. out of 3 concrete, pebble, brick, sitting sculptures, Tangible Seats


Rune stone sculpture, tres fragile,- yet to be fired


Quick drying rune stone sculpture


Rune stone sculpture made using sausage technique


Rune stone sculptures in Weber barbeque



Tanja, Heine Klausen, helpful designer and Mask Face


Mask Face coming alive


Mask face mold with bricks


Boot dance around drying stomp sculpture


stomp stomp stomp with walking boots


Stoneware lump,- getting ready to stomp


Bank & Rau making first moves at The Danish Art Workshops

Stoneware stomp sculpture for BRUTAL VITALITY at Cobra Museum, Amstelveen



Making Fringes

On the Fringe of Civilization by Bank & Rau at Den Frie, Copenhagen

paint in and on ceramics and rug


piles of second hand clothes and braided rug

A.K. Laura and Emilie inhabiting the first bit of the rug

braiding braiding braiding

Braiding workshop at Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk


rugbraiding braids at Achielles Stage at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk

Out of necessity...

On the Fringe of Civilization workshop at Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk

hands, clay, bread and wine



cigar , turning over the rug

duct tape on the backside


wokshop for kids

painting with the brush


girl making  a brush

boy sewing

painting the figure

mixing coulours

clay cutlery, cups and plates dipt in paint








give and take


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